The Film!

The film is now finished, to protect the characters, it is not accessible to the wide public, if you are interested in seeing it though, please feel free to contact me!

Free movement blog

For information and updates about immigration law and asylum cases, this is a great blog! I found out about it during a workshop that I did on asylum laws…

Demonstration Against the Tunnel

This is a picture I found in Darian-Smith’s book (1999), which was taken during a protest against the Channel Tunnel in 1994. The banner says: ‘Raping the Garen of England’. Darian-Smith argues that gardens are a symbol of bounded entity… and that Kent, as the Garden of England, is both the sumum of Englishness and something that ought to be guarded from intruders… So basically, people were angry at the idea of a ‘bridge’ towards the continent…



this film portrays well the fact that borders are not as rigid as some people imagine…

On the other side…

This is a film about immigrants in Calais… People say that life is a lot harder on the other side of the channel for immigrants.

Dover Mural

Here is a picture of a mural that I took on Dover’s high street. It didn’t have any information next to it, so I have no clue of what it’s about. However, it does portray a lot of ‘coloured’ people, which makes me think that it must have some sort of relation with immigration… if anybody knows what this is about, please tell me!


I found this joke on the Dover and Folkestone Locals – Forum that I have now signed up to, to try to observe/participate virtually a bit more in the locals lives:

“To save the economy, David Cameron will announce shortly that he is ordering the Home Office to start deporting old people (instead of illegals) in order to lower the Pension Bill and the NHS costs.

Old people are easier to catch, and will not remember how to get back home!”

A bit of insight on one of the ‘local’s’ view on immigration… or on David Cameron?

If anyone’s interested in the forum, here it is!